What Body Shape Says About Your Health

July 23, 2019

Each individual is different than others and also has a unique body shape. The body shapes are what make people so beautiful and unique, and most people think that their body shape only affects their appearance and the way they look with clothes on—it actually means more than that. Your body shape can tell a lot of things about your health and hormones.


You can measure the body shape by using the waist-to-hip ratio. To calculate accurate, divide the waist size by the hip length. To calculate your waist circumference, measure around the tiniest part of the waist. For the hip measurement, just measure the length of the widest part of your hip. Next, divide the waist measurement with the hip measure to receive the waist-to-hip ratio.

Apple Shape

This persons, enjoy food more than doing physical activity, and carry extra weight around the waist The look of these persons has a close link to their medical history, family history, and hormones.

On the other hand, “apple-shaped” individuals lose weight faster than other body types. Because of the area where apple shapes do to accumulate fat, they tend to have a bigger risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and type II diabetes.

The Pear Shape

Individuals who store excess fat in their lower half have a pear shape and usually, have a difficult time losing weight. Individuals who have pear shapes tend to struggle with the following situations: varicose veins, degenerative knee, and leg joint disease. Luckily, these are moderately mild forms when compared to those that apple shapes face.

Rectangle or Hourglass

The rectangle or hourglass shape is the most common shape. Women and men with this body shape usually carry some excess weight all over. This includes additional weight in the arms and legs as well as the unhealthy visceral fat in the core.

As a conclusion, there is more to your health than just your natural figure. Experts also observe at Body Mass Index or BMI to look at how healthful you are. This chart measures how much fat you have stored based on the correlation between height and weight. In the end, just because you have a certain body shape naturally, it doesn’t imply that you are under or overweight. It’s good to maintain a good balance between a healthy body and a well-looking figure.


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