Nine Effective Exercises To Burn Fat On Upper Thighs

October 7, 2019

The buildups of fat on a woman’s thigh, well known as saddlebags, are badly thought to be a portion of the natural accumulation of fat. Saddlebags grow on the upper thighs making the pelvic area more expansive. Routine of workouts hitting these areas can make them go away. Don’t get discouraged if they don’t disappear immediately or let’s say within two weeks. Exercises must be prompted regularly if you wish to say goodbye to upper thighs fat for good.

How To Burn The Fat On Your Saddlebags?

The Step-Ups


Find a sturdy block or steady stool. They should be high enough to put your calf and leg at a 90-degree angle when you put the foot on the block. Begin by standing upright and then raise one foot and put it on the block/stool. Then, take the other foot and stand straight on the block. Then step down by using your foot that you started with. Next, step down thoroughly and continue to starting pose. Do 30 reps. You can differ this exercise after you’ve finished it for a fortnight.

The Hip Dip On Side Plank

This exercise not easy for beginners, it helps with this specific part of the thighs. While lying on the side, gently lift just the upper body using the help of the elbow until you reach a 30-degree angle. Then, slowly bring up the hips using both elbows and your feet. Hold the body at 30 degrees for 5 seconds before grounding the hips. Repeat steps on both sides. Perform it regularly for approximately 4-5 weeks.

The Sumo Squats

Also known as plie squats, skip this exercise if you have serious issues with the spine. Start by standing and keeping some distance of shoulder-length between the feet. Toes should be pointed a little further from the body.  Lower the body until the underside of the knees is perpendicular to the thighs and calves. Hold like this for a couple of seconds and then lift the body back up. Do it at least 20 times for 1 routine. Try to get a couple of minutes for rest after every set.

The Donkey Kick

Take a yoga rug for this workout so that your knees aren’t carelessly strained. Go down and hold your back straight. Raise the left leg up behind you, while holding it bent, so that it is parallel with the roof. Wait in this position for 10 secs and then take the leg back down. Perform these 15 times with each leg. Do not stretch your body immediately. Just stretch more as you become acquainted with it unless you will end up tearing a muscle.

The Side Kicks

Very useful for slimming down the body, begin side-kicks by going down on the floor with your hands and knees. Set your whole body is in a straight line. Holding the thigh straight, lift the right knee and kick outwards. The lifted leg must be parallel with the ground. Wait in this pose for a couple of seconds, then continue to initial pose by taking your leg back. Perform this for a minimum of 15 times with both legs.

The Jump Squats

This advanced exercises will not only burn your upper thighs, but jump squats also make the body look toned. Start by grounding the body to a squat position. Next, with your hands aiming upwards, jump as high as possible. When you land at the ground, ensure that body landing flows to another squat. Begin by doing 30 and some more after a few weeks. If you have back problems, be extra careful with this workout.

The Booty Kick

Put your hands on the hips and your feet should be wide and balance on one leg while kicking rearward with the other leg. The knees must not bend during this process. The goal is to stretch your leg out behind you while holding the body straight. Continue your starting state but do not put your leg down. Keep recurring this workout 15 times and then change to the other leg.

The Superman Pose

Get down on your belly on a yoga mat. Stretch the arms out in front of the head while having your toes down and knees straight. Count to 3, breathe, and lift all 4 of your limbs at the same moment. They should all be kept straight. Keep this posture for ten seconds. Then exhale and put the limbs down.

The Clam Series

While lying on the side, hold your hips and knees at a 45-degree angle. The top part of the pelvis should be away from the face so that you can lift the lower pelvis off the floor. Keep this pose, place the heels together and raise the upper knee. Your pelvis should not shift. Perform this on both sides. If you like our exercises to burn your upper thighs, please share it with your friends on Pinterest.


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