July 23, 2019

May we ask you something – do you know what the cause for constipation? According to scientists, causing constipation depends on several different factors, for example, inactivity, extreme stress, aging, meds, certain vitamins, lack of fiber and water and many other things. However, it can also be a signalize of another disease in which case you should advise your doctor and heal the illness. If you are not going through such body concerns, then you definitely need a laxative for regular constipation relief.

YES, we are positive that you’ll get shocked when we tell you that, every 11th person has this problem with irregular bowel movement. Therefore, if you recognize yourself also – you should definitely read this article below.

Now, we are going to reveal how to make the best and most effective (organic) laxative. This marvelous natural laxative is well known as the hospital jam because it has been proven as an effective cure for the most severe cases of constipation and even the specialists prescribe it as a (natural) medicine.


  1. A single cup of date palm
  2. A single cup of prunes
  3. Five cups of boiling water


The recipe is very straightforward – first, you need to chop the dates and prunes into small bits and add them to the boiling water. Next, you need to boil until the mixture becomes muddy. With this, you should get 20 (1 tablespoon) servings of each. This mixture is useful and suitable for people of all ages. You can consume it like an addon for your morning breakfast. Put in a glass of yogurt, a dish of cereals or whatever you prefer.

How this Laxative Works? 

Here’s what you necessitate to know – prunes are rich in fiber and have high volumes of sorbitol. It is recognized as a natural sugar that loosens the stool. This relieves constipation quickly. Instead, you can also try this method – just add dried prunes into the water and leave them overnight, later drink in the morning. It will help you to improve the bowel movement in the morning by freeing stools. The scientist says that soluble fiber enables more water to remain in the stool. Making the waste softer, larger, easier to pass through the intestines.


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