July 28, 2019

We know the fact is that bananas are a delicious superfood, but what are the beneficial nutrients that bananas serve to our body? Namely healthy nutrients, vitamins, fiber, and all-natural sugars, like sucrose and fructose. The phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is equally valid for bananas, due to their rich nutrients. In fact, bananas are the most consumed fruit in the States. We buy the bananas mostly greenish-yellow and spotless, but as time goes by, they get ripen darken and begin to have brown spots, and brown spots become bigger until the whole banana is wrapped in brown.

Why tennis players eat banana during game timeouts?

During the lengthy matches player’s energy levels drops significtly so they need to refuel. To do this they lack carbohydrates, therefore they eat bananas. However, developing study shows that your body takes so long to ingest a banana that the athlete never gets the power benefit until after the game. Players also lose potassium while a lengthy match. Potassium insufficient can cause cramps. So we have one more reason for having bananas, and that is to renew the body’s resources of potassium.

Start to eat two bananas daily to supply your immunity shield and to increase the energy in a healthy way, and also avoiding treated sugar snacks. Moreover, banana belly fat drinks are straightforward to make, because banana can be combined with almost every fruit.

We have listed a few benefits of bananas can supply to your body you, so check it out:

1. Relief For Constipation

If your stomach is clogged, just eat a few bananas. Because they are rich in fiber, that will stimulate regular bowel progress and will serve as a natural relief for constipation.

2. Lower Blood Pressure

Bananas support to blood pressure reduction and guard against heart attack or stroke, mainly because bananas have low levels of sodium and rich in potassium, making bananas heart-friendly fruit.

3. Overcome Depression

Bananas help in overcoming depression due to high levels of tryptophan, that our bodies transform in serotonin. Serotonin has a function of a brain neurotransmitter which makes people happy, relaxed, and improves mood in general.

4. Increases Energy Levels

Eating a banana or possibly two ahead of workout provides enough energy to endure an hour or longer. The vitamins, low glycemic carbohydrates, and minerals all hold the body boosted endurance, and potassium supports to avoid muscle cramps.

5. Fights Anemia

Bananas will help people with anemia, by delivering the required dietary iron, which stimulates hemoglobin production and red blood cell production, stimulates the blood supply also.

6. Prevent Heartburn

Bananas are natural anti-acids and will grant relief from acid reflux and heartburn. Eating a single one banana will instantly bring calming relief and reduce your heartburn indications.

7. Cures Stomach Ulcers

When suffering from stomach ulcers, most foods are restricted, apparently, the bananas should be eaten without worry. Because of their soft, smooth, mushy texture coats, the stomach wall and defends it against irritation and incisive acids.

8. Stimulates Nerves

When feeling stressed and moody, just eat one banana. It will help to manage blood sugar levels and are high in vitamins B. It naturally soothes the nervous system and produce relax feelings, following with an overall improved mood.

9. Body Temperature Management

Consuming banana on a warm day will lower body temperature, its same case when you have a fever. To summarize: next time when you see a banana with brown spots, remember what we said here. Start to eat 2 bananas at least a day to give your self anticancer shield and to boost your energy healthy, avoiding processed sugar snacks. And one thing more – you can always prepare a healthy banana natural drink to reduce belly fat successfully!


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